Do You Qualify For A No Win, No Fee Claim?

Our No Win No Fee solicitor will assess your claim and tell you if you can qualify to make a No Win, No Fee claim with Mercury Legal. Get your claim assessed today or call to speak to a solicitor and calling 0800 122 3130.


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100% No Win, No Fee Compensation

If you've been in an accident either at work or suffered after a mistake by your a doctor or dentist then it is possible to use a solicitor to pursue a claim for compensation using a 'No Win. No Fee' agreement.

Solicitors like Mercury Legal use a No Win, No Fee agreement so that if you your case, through no fault of your own, you will be able to walk away without any legal bills or fees to pay. If you win our solicitors will take a success fee from the compensation you are awarded, which you may not have won without their help.

Because Mercury Legal's team of experienced solicitors are only paid if you win your claim, they will only take it on if they think that you have a chance of winning. Get your claim assessed today and complete our call back request form so that we can get started and see how much compensation you could claim.

Where does my compensation come from?

Any compensation paid awarded to you does not come direct from your employer nor the NHS, but from insurance that covers them for accidents or mistakes. In the case of your employer, they have a legal obligation to take out Employers' Liability Insurance.

What if the company doesn't exist?

The compensation that you are awarded comes from the insurance company your employer used at the time. The company may no longer exist, but we will be able to track down the insurance company they used.


If you are unsure if you qualify for a no win, no fee claim then completet the form below and we will look at your claim and tell you if you qualify.